Monday, October 6, 2008

The Final Storm

Adventures are funny things
They always begin with the unexpected,
but they always end with the promise
of adventures yet to come

~The Final Storm

All books and series must come to an end, and the Door Within is no exception. But what will the future hold? Will Robbie succumb to Pargor’s promises of power? And will Antoinette and Aidan remain true to their king in the face of death? The ending is amazingly powerful.

The Door Within

This fantasy tale is amazing. I loved reading about Aidan’s adventures in The Realm. The characters are realistic and the plot line creative. Instead of just swords, it’s more of a spiritual battle for the hearts of people.

Eternity's Edge

I've been waiting for this book since prereading Beyond the Reflection's Edge. Davis does not disappoint.

As interfinity approaches, the stakes get higher for Nathan, Kelly, Daryl and Francesca. Can they trust Patar? Will they discover the secrets of Sarah’s Womb? This book kept me laughing and crying all the way through.