Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not a Fan:Teen Edition

As anyone who follows my blogs or Tumblr knows, I am a fan of many things--Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Sherlock, etc. I salivate over spoilers and squee over season finales. Being a fan is serious business. But is that the way I treat my relationship with Jesus? Am I merely a fan--or a follower?
Not a Fan: Teen Edition challenges teens to take their relationship with Christ seriously, allowing him to change the way they live, not just leaving him as an interest on Facebook.
I've read other books challenging believers to live out their faith, and think this one addresses the issues on a level that appeals to teens. It has some piercing challenges and hard questions. There are also brief biographies that help teens see what being a follow looks like in everyday life.
I received a free copy of this book through Zonderhaven but was not required to write a positive review.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Journeys across Niagara The Flute, the Feather, and the Drum

I chose this book from Thomas Nelson’s Booksneeze program expecting to read the story of a modern-day daredevil, perhaps like the man who recently tightrope-walked across the falls. Instead, it tells the story of four boys wanting to cross the famous “ice bridge” in the 1960s. Interwoven with their stories are the accounts of four different people’s interactions with Niagara Falls, from a British drummer boy to escaped slaves and a European hermit. In this way, the author attempts to provide a historical panorama along with the adventure story. It meets with mixed success. The separate accounts are clearly distinguished from the main story, but it also takes us away from the first-person narrator and proves distracting. At least once I wondered where these accounts were coming from, in contrast to the main parts which were in 1st-person.

Another element that might give some readers pause is the language. While this book comes from a Christian publisher, the language is true to the setting, with side characters making racist remarks against people of African descent (although this is clearly looked down on by the main characters) and the boys use words such as “piss” and “crap.” I didn’t find it troubling at all, and thought it made the characters more realistic, but some people might be surprised to find these words.

The details were well-done and realistic, and the characters had some distinguishing facts to them. Overall, it was an interesting book, but didn’t have anything that especially jumped out at me. One of the elements that disappointed me was a description of a curious moment one of the boys had in the ice. It seemed to suggest mysterious possibilities that were never picked up.

3 stars

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Best of Me: Susan Foreman

To aid fans who aren't haven't seen the classic series, I'm going to offer video clips for classic companions--or assistants, as they were then called. The first assistant was Susan Foreman, a(n apparently) teenage girl. When her teachers Barbara and Ian follow her home from school, her grandfather kidnaps them so they can't tell anyone else about his time machine. (Yes, that was the First Doctor. He had some maturing to do.)
Susan is a contradictory character. Despite brilliance at school, she behaves like a very little girl at some points. Although she's supposed to be older than Ian and Barbara combined, she acts about thirteen most of the time. My personal theory is that something about her upbringing--maybe that old "half-human" statement of Eight's--resulted in emotional instability. I wouldn't go so far as to say that she's developmentally disabled, but sometimes I wonder. At the same time, her character is interesting and helps the 1st Doctor grow and change in human interactions.
Her departure from the TARDIS is a bit odd. When the TARDIS lands in 22nd-century London during a Dalek invasion, Susan falls in love with David Campbell. At the end of the story, the Doctor locks her out of the TARDIS and leaves, promising to come back. But he never does (on-screen--he might in an audio). It just seems so odd, even though this was before the writers had figured out the regeneration/aging bit. But I like her, in a way.

Fanfic Recommendations
And the Days that Never Came "One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine." Rule One: The Doctor lies. She came to him instead.
Awakening He shouldn't be having these thoughts My notes: slight sexual thoughts, barely noticeable, but I'm putting up a warning anyway.
Closing Time
The First Doctor considers how events are coming to a close with Susan.
David would say, later, that it hadn’t been much of a wedding.
The Last of Kin This will be very AU as of the 8th/9th Doctor. I'm still pretending the Rose and Riversong ships never happened. The doctor always evades talk about his family, this is why. Starting with filling in some gaps in the early years and moving on from there.
Nameless, Faceless There are no Time Ladies on Gallifrey any longer. The entire universe knows of the Weeping Angels. These two facts are connected. My note: An amazing bit of fanwank connecting two seemingly odd thoughts. Brilliant.
One Day, I Shall Come BackThe Doctor left his granddaughter on 22nd Century Earth after defeating a dalek invasion. The time has come for him to honour his promise and return.
Proof I was Not Mistaken Susan is summoned back to Gallifrey in the wake of the Time War.
Relax! A nice day out ends with a mad dash back to the TARDIS.
Remembering"Seeing those words, intertwining circles, concentric, reminded him of her." Spoilers for 'A Good Man Goes to War'. Kinda drabblish.
Seven Doctors And A Funeral Susan Foreman Campbell hasn't seen her grandfather in almost a decade. So why does he keep returning every few years now?
Six impossible thingsSometimes she believes as many as six impossible things; but are they truly impossible when you've roamed in all four dimensions? Susan waxes whimsical as she lives on Earth. She is after all Alice, yet not Alice who ventured down the rabbit hole.
Six Lives That Susan Foreman Never Lived “The truth is we’re both curious about Susan and we won’t be happy until we know some of the answers.”
Take Me Home Oneshot; short conversation between Susan and the Doctor, pre-Time War. It's the Doctor's job to bring them home.
Temptation Susan didn’t dream of Gallifrey anymore. Not really.
The Girl at the Bottom of the Garden Luke Smith has a new friend. She lives in the shed at the bottom of his garden

The Best of Me: River Song

"One minute she wants to marry you, and the next she wants to kill you."
"She's been brainwashed; it all makes sense to her. Plus, she is a women. "
-Amy and the Eleventh Doctor on River Song

River Song is one of the most controversial figures in revived Who. Part of that stems from her role as the Doctor's love interest and backlash from other shippers*. People also claim she's a Mary Sue, a term which has expanded so far that it has absolutely no meaning. But I'm not discussing Mary Sues or shipping on this post: It's about River Song.
First of all, a confession. I ship River/Doctor. Not just a little bit, but hard. That's not to say I think he hasn't been in love before, but I think that River's complexity and confidence make her an intriguing match and more of his equal.
Secondly, I find River intriguing because she meets the Doctor in the wrong order. The only other companion that happens too is Melanie Bush in the classic series, but one would expect it to happen more frequently. The contrast between where she is and where the Doctor--or for that, Amy and Rory are--provides emotional conflict that is gold for fanfic writers. Even little scenes--like the kiss in "Day of the Moon"--- are painful and sweet.
Also, River has a lot of traits that make her a foil for Eleven--likes to carry a gun, overtly flirtatious, serious demeanor. While I'd never like to see a female Doctor, River can fill that role to a certain extent.

*a shipper in a fandom is someone who romantically 'ships' two or more characters. It's like being a matchmaker for fictional people.

Fanfiction Recommendations

Set Links:
The site A Teaspoon and an Open Mind allows authors to put their stories in 'collections,' sets of multiple stories.
Lonewytch (My note: this author writes only Doctor/River, so it seemed the easiest way to post her stories. Some of them are smut, but those two are clearly labeled 'adult' and have content warnings)
madis hartte Her stories are primarily River/Doctor fics, including the amazing AU series Melody Williams.
Madman in a Box My Eleventh Doctor stories, collected in one place. (My note: It's technically an Eleventh Doctor collection, but with six of thirteen about River, it's the easiest way to post the link. Besides, 11 is my Doctor, and this author writes phenomenal stories.)
River in Pete's World A series of ficlets depicting River meeting TenII in Pete's World
River Saga Stories about River Song. "Chronological order" is an oxymoron with River, but I've done my best. They don't need to be read in this order, but they make sense in it. River as River or River as Melody; River when we know who she is and when we have no idea; River driving the Doctor crazy or being driven crazy herself: this is the life of River Song.
Theories of You and I Does she marry him or murder him? My stories exploring the life of River Song, golden-haired enigma. Spoilers.
Individual Stories
32 Minutes The Doctor's been poisoned and will be dead in 32 minutes. Where could he possibly go? River/Eleven. Partially inspired by the line- "He said no one could save him — but he must have known I could."
Aftermath The Stormcage guards know by now that they have as much chance of keeping Doctor Song locked up as they do of waking up to blue skies over the prison. That doesn't mean they don't try, but they've developed a coping mechanism, too.
Aixo era y no era Aixo era y no era: It was and it was not. Because he was Time, and she was Death, and they spun around and around and around. "On the matter of apologies, I have none."
Biographies "I love biographies." "Oh very you, always a death at the end." "You need a good death. Without death, there'd only be comedies!"
Birds are Leaving over Autumn's Ending "Victorian England," he says, through a haze of tears. "It was at a ball." Based on an abandoned prompt at SpoilerSong. River/Eleven, River asks the Doctor about the first time he met her in his timeline. He has to lie.
Book Smarts When John Smith takes a gander into the university library in Pete's World, who ever could he meet?
Born and Bred Jenny never thought anyone could understand what it's like to be born and bred as a weapon, but perhaps there is someone out there who does, so much closer than she thinks.
Born in Blood Mels would like to see her parents get married, but sometimes, things don't go according to plan.
The Case of the Dead Doctor Sherlock/Who crossover.
The Christmas Gift The Doctor has a very special gift for River. Set immediately following the 2011 Christmas Special, and a sequel to "Home".
Failing to Communicate The Doctor is dead, long live River Song. My note: Obviously an AU, but a drabblish one.
Forever, Ever More The sound echoed back and forth like a monstrous demon wail. It was horrible, horrendous, awful. So many words could be used to describe such an irritating sound! "Sweetie!" River cried. "You're humming again!"
A Good Shot In which there is an aborted revolution, an aborted murder, and an aborted kiss. Based on a prompt from the spoiler-song ficathon, Hell in Heels.
Half of Me There is still one, life-changing thing that she does not tell him, even on the eve of her death. *One-shot*
Hope Spoilers! The Doctor's feelings and thoughts during River's identity reveal in AGMGTW.
Kind of Magic Some days the Doctor thinks that Young River is even worse than Spoilers River
Like Sand through an Hourglass "'You watch us run,' she told him, and he's counting every step." Knowing exactly how it's going to end isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes, it just makes it easier to count your blessings. River/11, spoilers for 4x9 and 4x10.
Missing Pictures Some people call pictures a window to the soul; River searches for hers.
Momentum He aged, and she watched. (Set during TWoRS.)
Mosaic The Doctor is kidnapped and discovers the amazing truth about a certain someone. *Theory on River's identity, one-shot* My note: written before AGMGTW, this is the most original and best theory of River's identity I'd seen. It might make even River-haters reconsider.
Night Shift Being a guard isn't the most glamourous job in the world. If part of your duties includes watching over Cell 426, though, at least it's never boring. DISCLAIMER: No Time Streams were harmed in the writing of this fic. Probably. My note: some of them are rated higher then others, but she generally includes a warning.
Out of Place The first time Doctor River Song met Polly Plummer
Raising Cain Spoilers through series 6. Because a decade is a long time to do nothing but plot murder and exchange lectures. Mels's relationship with Amy and Rory and their relationship with each other and references to others as well.
Rewriting History One Death at a Time "The first time I met you, you died." Ten times. A Library fix-it, a little different
A River Runs through It River Song, meet River Tam. Two Rivers in one time and space. The universe may implode.
River Styx River Song was dead and very, very bored. Just what was she going to do about it? A dark Doctor fic (also starring Captain Jack Harkness and Doctors Nine and Ten).
Stitches in Time Happy New Year! Series of One-Shots for 11/River. Latest chapter: It's New Year's Eve. Somewhere.
Stories For The Strong Of Heart She became what the silence inspired: a killer, quick and quiet, slipping in and out of shadows. One-shot.
The Time Travelers' Wives The Doctor helps out a fellow time traveler, and River and Clare commiserate.
The TimeyWimey Games How River Song and the Doctor won the 73rd and 78th Hunger Games, respectively. River/1
What Child Is This The Doctor and River find themselves thrown together at Christmas and must make one of the hardest decisions either could imagine.
Where He Is Needed That's where the TARDIS takes him. And when a student of history gets hold of Spoilers she really shouldn't have, he really IS needed. Set after Let's Kill Hitler, spoilers for just about everything.
Where River Song Proves A Point to Sarah Jane So two women - one who's very quick to use a gun and one who doesn't like them meet. Here's what happens... My note: This one will probably show up again on my Sarah Jane lists, but it's really funny and contains two of my favorite characters.
to whisper in their presence It may be the wrong Melody Pond he's found, but it's exactly the right River Song. doctor/river, post-6x07.
You Always Knew The Doctor was the only one to ever manage to surprise her, but this was intangibly unthinkable. The Doctor in a papoose. With a baby. The night before her trial.
In Your Place there were a Thousand Other Faces The Doctor is dead. - AU for The Wedding of River Song

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Secret Sacrament

So many of my stories start with a picture: three roses darker than black and richer than crimson, a girl in a skirt of her own feathers. Some of my favorite published stories begin this way too, such as the Chronicles of Narnia and Dragons in Our Midst. Other times, the image is all that remains when the plot is forgotten.
One of these cases involved a proud man offering himself for the native peoples, then stumbling across the desert as he dies of self-inflicted fever. I couldn't remember the title or author, but only the ending. But this spring, I found that book in the library: Secret Sacrament by Sherryl Jordan. While the story itself was average, the ending was so powerful that I carried it in my mind for years. I think this can help remind authors of how important imagery is in stories.

The Best of Me: Rory Williams

According to legend, wherever the Pandorica was taken, throughout its long history, the Centurion would be there guarding it. He appears as an iconic image in the artwork of many cultures. And there are several documented accounts of his appearances. And his warnings to the many who attempted to open the box before its time.

Rory starts out as the gooseberry of the TARDIS crew, plucked out of his stag party after Amy attempts to kiss him. After that, he becomes the most death-prone companion in ages, dying almost every other story. But what sounds like comic relief masks the heart of a true hero. The classic male companion was Jamie from the 2nd Doctor (who I haven't seen much of). Rory is THE male companion for the revived series, and one of my favorites.

Fanfic Recommendations
Be A Man How does Rory transform from a bumbling nurse to the Lone Centurion? Maybe he took a little advice from the movie Mulan. Four drabbles inspired by "Make a Man out of You."
Centurion What he does most, locked in this little cell of damp cold rock, is talk to Amy. He tells her all the things he always wanted to say. Everything he ever thought and hoped and dreamed.
Common Threads At a doctor's office, Rory meets a man in the waiting room. But what do the Last Centurion and an Army Doctor have in common? Well, just a few sociopaths.
Doctor Who? He would never tell this secret, of course, unless it was to save someone's life. So when Rory, Amy, and the Doctor land on a planet being invaded by Cybermen, the secret comes to life. He remembers that which no one should ever know. *One-shot*
Freedom and Lies The Doctor says very disturbing things when he feels that he has to. An attempt to make an out-of-character idea in character. Author's Note: Although there is no onscreen non-con, one OC is in a very abusive situation and there is definitely non-con in the back-story. My Note: It's not as bad as it sounds.
In a Crooked Little House(or Aren't We All?) Once upon a time, there was a Girl, and she lived in an enchanted forest. My note: a most peculiar, yet enchanting, AU of Amy's Choice and the season five finale.
Just Because Rory doesn't feel like he measures up. The Doctor decides to do something nice for him. Here (in your arms) remix.
Night Terrors People have called Rory Williams brave. He doesn't always feel that way.
Secrets Amy finds out that she is not the only one who has been keeping secret
Semper Et In Aeternum During the day, Rory can pretend the door in his head is fully closed. But he speaks Latin in his sleep.
slip, slip, knot He's not the Last Centurion today. He's just Rory Williams, a man who lost his daughter to kidnappers. And as he watches Amy's reaction, he wonders if he's going to lose her too. My Note: Part of the "Needle and Skein" collection listed under Amy Pond recommendations.
The Centurion's Vigil "I'm not a 'servant of Rome', honestly. I'm just the guy who takes care of the box." Rory waits for 1894 years. The world changes a fair bit, and he tries to keep out of trouble. Rory/Amy, T for bodily harm/to be safe.
Waiting for Godot London, Christmas Eve 1879. Against all odds, two extraordinary men collide in an improbable meeting. Well, they do say it's a small universe.
Wedding Night Amy Pond had plans for her wedding night. She's sure that watching her husband sleep was not one of them. Pure h/c.
Bonus Recommendation

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Best of Me: Amy Pond

Amelia Pond, the little girl who waited all night in her garden, is the first companion of the Eleventh Doctor, and the first companion I've watched. So I have a special affinity for her, even identifying with her understanding of the Doctor to a certain point. That is not to say I agree with everything she does--her Rory/Doctor game is played far longer than it should and sometimes she's a bit harsh on people, but I don't think she deserves some of the hate she gets. A tumblr I follow called Whoniverse Confessions has some interesting posts about her--such as "Amy is what Rose would have been if she made better choices..." which has some interesting suggestions in light of their respective boyfriends.Of the new series companions, she is one of my favorites, especially because of her crazy, wild family...

Fanfic Recommendations (may cross over with River Song and Rory Williams recommendations)
Now posted with author's summery (sometimes additional notes).

A Companion's Guide to the Doctor-- Amy wakes up in the Tardis and, momentarily believing herself to be back on Apalapucia, calls out for a familiar voice. She gets a little more than she bargained for.
A Few Days Ago Amy finds an old pair of converse, the Doctor reminisces about his regeneration, and everyone just generally deals. Post-Beast Below/Victory of the Daleks. Eleven/Amy friendship, with a quite a few references to Ten. Read & Review!
My note: Missing your post-regeneration confusion because Eleven starts fresh? Read this one.
A Little Bit Fairytale Life after the Doctor. Spoilers for the God Complex. Now slightly rewritten.
A Phone Call from Pond Amy rings the Doctor seeking information about her lost daughter.
Because You're Still Waiting "because you love him, you hate him, you want, you wish...you left." Amy says good-bye to The Doctor. my note: more like a poem, but still very good.
Call for Help The worst parts of the Universe can land on your doorstep, even if you're not traveling with the Doctor. But when the doorstep belongs to the Ponds, the Universe has to answer to River Song.
Doctor Do You Believe in Ghosts Ghosts? Never.It could all be explained-Aliens-Different worlds-Different perceptions-Imagination.It could all be explained. But there was something in The Doctor that made him want to believe-Made him want to trust that there was a such thing as ghosts. Note: It's more sad then scary, but then again, it's so very him.
Eucastastrophe For once, he has a happy ending
Four Corners Amy. Rory. Eleven. River. Amazing things have been revealed, and now it's back to the same old adventure. So why does no one seem in any hurry to find little Melody Pond? (Spoilers through Night Terrors, but in a bit of timey-wimeyness, NOT for Let's Kill Hitler.)
I Always Liked Ron Best Too:Amy learns a little about about the Doctor's past during a visit to the largest library in the Universe. And everyone else learns a little something about the books that Rory used to read as a child.
If You're Out There "There's a place set for you." Amy and Rory are still waiting, but he'll show up eventually.
I'm Always Fearless (Except when I'm Not) Amy Pond prides herself on not being easily scared. But she realizes with absolute certainty that her best friend and protector is the one she should be afraid of the most
I'm Dreaming of a Starry Christmas: Little Amelia Pond, in a universe which is black as eternal night, ends up with a star filled Christmas. They covered her tree, fell out of her Christmas stocking, and filled up her dreams.
Mothers and Daughters Amy finds she has more in common with River than she thought
My Own Worst Enemy Comes from the Past The Doctor, Amy and Rory are trapped in their own personal nightmare made from their fears. The only way to wake up, is for them to beat the dreams. Rory as the third wheel, Amy w/out the Doctor and the Doctor facing his guilt. Please read and review! My Note: Sadly, this fic hasn't been updated for a while, but what is there is brilliant.
How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart, you begin to understand there is no going back? There are some things that time cannot mend. Some hurts that go too deep...that have taken hold. --Frodo Baggins
Amy Williams knows that all too well. There's no way back home when her daughter will never come home. Takes place after A Good Man Goes to War and scattered throughout the rest of series six.
My note: a series of three stories about Amy and Rory and their realization that they're never going to have a normal family life.
Not Tonight It's Christmas Eve and Amy misses her Raggedy Doctor a little more than usual. - Based off of the Christmas Special Prequel
Reprise Amelia Pond once believed in happy endings. Now she's not so sure after all. Spoilers for The God Complex and Good Man Goes to War
Rule Number 1 Snippets from Amy's years in The Girl Who Waited: It sometimes felt like she had spent half of her life waiting for him.
Slipping Away A one-shot describing Amy's feelings as her whole history changes and she can't remember what she's missing- Spoilers for 'Cold Blood' and hopefully better than it sounds...
Something's Missing As Amy writes out her guest list for the wedding, she has the feeling that something, or rather someone, is missing. Spoilers for series five.
Stuff with Bits The morning after she meets the Raggedy Doctor, Amelia has some explaining to do.
The Care and Feeding of Tiny Humans (and slightly larger Time Lords) The one where the Doctor comes back for little Amelia Pond.
The Girl Who Waited Maybe he ll come back if I wait here long enough. I m good at waiting. My note: It's set after God Complex.
The Mother Imprisoned and alone, Amy has nothing to cling to but her child, her name, and her hatred.
The Real Mother Goose Amy Pond has lost her baby girl. She has a week to find her. My note: Absolutely lyrical story, with past companions making an appearance.
The Time is Out of Joint "But things are the way they are. And the way they are now is that you have this little one." Whilst raising their second child, Julian, Amy and Rory recognize the difficulties of their first child not exactly being a constant presence in their lives.
The Weight of Us Amy Pond, and motherhood.
There Will Be TIme After Amy's Choice, Amy and Rory talk about what their future might really be like.
They Fill You With the Faults they Had Amy and Rory, still recoiling from their loss, visit Amy's parents. contains talk of losing a child, mental health issues, lying, depression and grief- may be triggering. My note: a wonderful explanation of how Tabitha and Augustus would have dealt with their daughter's imaginary friend.
Three Places at the Table Amy and Rory prepare for another Christmas dinner without their Doctor. Set just before the end of "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe". One-shot.
Tick Tock; The Years They Fly The Girl who waited for fourteen years has to face another thirty-six in Two Streams facility.
Twelve Years and Four Psychiatrists Why Amy needed four psychiatrists....cameos from Doctors 1-10
We Are For Each Other Kindness will kill her, but Amy can't help looking for company.
Whenever It's Christmas Amy has decided it's time to celebrate Christmas in the Tardis, whether the guys like it or not. That means finding a tree, shopping for presents, cooking Christmas dinner, and Christmas morning! But this is the Tardis, and things can get a little weird.
Yellow Alert Tears streaked my sweaty face. My back arched, and I pushed—and it hurt—and I screamed—and the contraction passed. I sagged back against the white table, crying. "Rory," I whimpered, "hold my hand." But he wasn't there to hold it.
You Won't Realize I'm Gone The Doctor breaks the news to the Ponds about their daughter, the Vashta Nerada and the Great Library. But Amy and Rory soon realise it's hardly the end of the line. In fact, they're firmly in the middle.
Youth is Wasted on the Young On a world where the adults all look like 12 year old children, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory must join forces with the local sheriff to investigate a rash of mysterious disappearances. Something new has arrived on Feyanora, something the Doctor recognizes. My note: One of THE BEST original adventures I've ever read. It is complete, but sometimes the computer says it's been updated.

--Crossover Recommendation
He Was Real The new doctor at Leadsworth is a bit odd. Turns out he has his own experiences with sociopathic physicians who break your trust. Crossover with Sherlock featuring John Watson, set after Reichenbech.
I don't have friends, Miss Pond Convincing Sherlock Holmes that he has friends is a hard task in itself. Convincing him that he has more than that is even harder but Amy's determined to prove to him just how much a certain boy cares.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Three Dark Roses

A blog for my work-in-progress Three Dark Roses. Come over and met Micah, Shoshannah of Naveyl.

Three Dark Roses

A blog for my work-in-progress Three Dark Roses. Come over and met Micah, Shoshannah of Naveyl.

The Secret Zoo

When I get fed up with my local library's stock of bonnet books and The Cat Who...series, I wander over to the juvenile fiction shelves. This can have mixed results, from bad beach romances to teenage melodrama, but The Secret Zoo is beautiful. Without giving too much away, I will say that the story is dreamlike, more of a fable or fairy-tale than urban fantasy, and wonderfully soothing.
The other interesting thing about reading books from the juvenile section as an adult is that you feel sympathy for both the kid characters and the "annoying" authority figures. It's slightly unsettling, but cool at the same time.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Best of Me: Wilfred Mott

The Master: (to the Doctor) Oh, your dad’s still kicking up a fuss.
Wilfred: Yeah, well, I’d be proud if I was


The Doctor: I’d be proud.

Wilfred: Of what?

The Doctor: If you were my dad.

Wilfred Mott is a companion in the sense that Samwise Gamgee is a Ringbearer--not for a long time, but his supporting role earns him the title, at least in my eyes. Not to mention that he dons the mantle officially in The End of Time. From his (initial) cameo in Voyage of the Dammed, to his reappearance as Donna's granddad in season four, he's a source of humor with a serious side. I also like how he's "older" than the Doctor, and sees through some of the things that "traditional" companions don't quite notice. And he has at least three wonderful scenes--the cafe, the Vinvocci spaceship where he begs Ten to take the gun, and the chamber at the Naysmith Mansion. I also have plans for him in my own fanfiction...

Fanfic Recommendations

All That it Takes for Evil to Flourish The Doctor's thoughts on the scene where Wilf urges him to take the gun.

Boxing Day:Written by the brilliant Lyricwritesprose, it has Wilf and Eleven meeting up on a beach. It's mostly conversation, but such a necessary one that it would be a shame for alien attacks to interrupt it.

Cup of Tea The cafe scene in End of Time from Wilf's POV. It's not one of my best stories, but I still like it.

The Doctor's Dad Slightly AU in that Wilf didn't get trapped in the box , but a wonderful exploration of the Doctor and Wilf.

Grasshopper Duet Time for a guilty confession...I ship Wilf and Sarah Jane. They both have seen the Doctor at low points, heard him say things he wouldn't say to anyone else, and still trust him even though they're "old enough to know better." This story doesn't approach shipping, except in my mind, but I still think they should have met on the show.

Gratias Astra Wilf gets a trip to the stars.

The Faithful Soldier A collection of five drabbles about Wilf in End of Time, it really gets inside his mind.

His Turn Tearjerker, but still good.

It's Time Based on Eleven's "farewell tour," it offers another reason the Doctor would surrender to the inevitable.

New Faces I love reading about Eleven and Wilf, what can I say?

Not Remotely Important Wilf and Eleven...again

On Her Behalf Wilf said he'd look up at the stars for Donna. A one-shot about the two of them stargazing together.

Two Old Men and a Park Bench Another time Wilf might have encountered Eleven.

(picture from Whoniverse Confessions tumblr)