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Okay, so I have accounts at and A Teaspoon and An Open Mind as Vilinye, and anything under Favorite Stories/Authors is something I enjoyed.* However, there are other stories I enjoy on other sites, and two fanfic accounts (plus Tumblr) is enough to keep updated, so I'm going to list other stories I like on different sites. Most will be Doctor Who fics, although there is one Once Upon a Time fic I'll list. Summaries are the original author's.

Doctor Who
And One to Grow OnMels Zucker doesn't have a birthday. At least, not until Amelia and Rory interfere. Decades of birthday fluff follow.
Areyoumarriedriver (author) writes River/Doctor fic. Also, some of her fics are available as audio files.
The Beginning of Timeunapologetic timebaby fic:River's birthing story, in which Rory finds his inner midwife and Idris gets a minor role as neonatalogist. Can you call it a home birth if it takes place in the Vortex?
Because Now is now it can never be a long time ago.The Doctor frowns at the psychic paper, bearing coordinates and only one word:Scones?
Brew my tea and snip my threadIf only she could anchor him, for short, she would prove herself she still withholds that reality, that corporeality. She halted time for him and he would not stop, even for a second.
BrinneyFriday (author) writes River/Doctor fic
Dirty Laundry Exactly why does Rose always take her washing home to Jackie?
dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.* “It’s a dream, isn’t it?” She nods and steps closer to him as he sighs.“It is, yes. You’ve fallen asleep on your book.”
the awful edges where you end and I beginBut he won’t. He can’t. There is nothing in his chest but air and blood, and he knows he will never find the one who can reach through his bones’ cage and shock his heart into beating. Orpheus & Eurydice AU.
Everything has Changed*7 The Doctor left more than just wife in the library and River is forced to face a new experience on her own without her ageless god. (An extension of River's life after Forest of the Dead)
Final Report A fan comic about Sarah Jane Smith
ForeverMy episode fix-it. Spoilers for 'The Name of the Doctor.'
From Behind the Sofa A brief series of one-shots
Ghost House It is nearly impossible to erase something completely.
In Print A series of webcomics featuring multiple Doctors.
I was Born Just to Get to You:* This story is about how the Doctor learns he and River have had children- a theme I enjoy playing around with. This one is set just prior the possible events of series 7b finale. Doctor Who characters are their property of course. The title comes from a line in a John Lennon song, “Out the Blue“. It’s one of those songs that sounds very much like River and the Doctor’s romance. This line was perfect for the title in so many ways, and the full line sounds like it could be alternating back and forth between them. This story has the darker Doctor we saw in the Christmas special and for the rest of series 7b (with some foreshadowing in 7a)
It's Called Marriage* "All I'm saying is: the woman is a trained assassin. She is armed, clearly dangerous, and probably the only person in any universe that knows where you sleep - if you even sleep! Don't you think you should've mentioned you had a wife, for safety's sake alone?"
Jade II Her stories include a collection of ten Library fix-its as well as some more mature works
Justify My Thoughts of Flight* She's River, but not his River. Her name is Melody Pond-Smith. 11/River AU(parallel universe)
Like an Onion Inside Out *(Narnia crossover) Sometimes endings are just the beginning.
the lines of life that life repair with time's pencilShe is and always has been an innately selfish person and she sees no reason to change that - even if she is made of technology and data rather than flesh and bone After all, there is only one story that matters to her now and its last chapter was finished, the final lines typed out brutally, solidifying their irreversible circle.
A Meeting of the Minds* (Sherlock/SJA crossover)  Sherlock isn't the only freakish genius in the world.  He isn't even the only one in southern England.
not enough*  Sometimes he wonders: how much time do they have?
oh skyscrapers, i’ll never look down again, again*He starts awake to the sound of torrential rain and—are thoseswords?
Penguinspy42 She has some good River/Doctor stories, but "In that Sleep of Death" freaked me out a a good way, but still....
rejoiced in the hopelessness, we loved under atomic skiesWhile they are moments of bubbling happiness and bliss, there are also months of painful separation and silence.
Sarah Jane Smith: Lethel ChefSarah Jane's new husband wonders how his wife ever managed to survive, especially when she can't even make a decent cup of tea.
Savvyliterate A good River/Doctor author, she also writes a good webcomic series
SupernovaWhen the Doctor invites River to a once in a lifetime supernova event on a distant planet, he gets more than he ever bargained for.
was a promise really something people kept?River goes to see Brian after Manhattan.
The Weight of Us Amy Pond, and motherhood.
weep to have that which we fear to loseIt was then that she’d marched in, businesslike and brisk right up until the moment her visor cleared and he saw a smile of sunlight among a plethora of shadows. Hello sweetie.
what the dormouse said* Because stories are not lies.
what the water gave me*Oh, God, please let him be okay,' she thinks desperately, the horrific thought keeping her just distracted enough as she's falling.And then she hits the water.
Worst of the Time Lords: Emo Ten Webcomic. It's actually really funny in its emo-ness.
your_bespoke_pyschopath* More Doctor/River fic.
Yowza River/Doctor ficthon page

Jigsawed* The pieces are there, but they just don't seem to fit.

Once Upon a Time
Growing PainsHenry Mills grows up in Storybrooke. He's the only one.

An Abundance of Paucity* (Star Trek (TOS and TNG), Death Note,Artemis Fowl, Doctor Who, Sherlock (BBC),  Commander Spock is tired of being the only logical one around, so he calls together a council of like-minded people to discuss a matter of utmost importance. 
Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machine* (Doctor Who, Hitchhiker's, Cabin Pressure) At the end of the world the Doctor has to team up with some unlikely allies.

The Non-Deductive Enigma (Doctor Who crossover comic) Features Ten, Rose, Sherlock and John.
Uncharted (How to Train Your Dragon crossover) The bomb explodes as Sherlock's bullet hits it, blowing John and Sherlock into an adventure of Vikings, dragons and eel sushi. Who else will end up in this nightmare?

Enjoyed does not equal complete endorsement, especially for authors with adult/mature fics. Still check the warnings and ratings if you don't want to be surprised.

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