Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Quick Challenge

Okay, I have to work out a schedule for myself, which (I hope) will have room for blogging updates, but until then, a writing challenge.

A woman is going to tell her boyfriend that she wants to break up--on the same night he plans to propose to her. What happens?

P.S. Based on a true story shared about the dangers of dating too fast as college freshmen


  1. Hrmm...I'd say that the girl will feel very flattered but tell the guy to wait for her to think it over and the guy will feel somewhat injured but willing to wait for her answer.


  2. I was thinking someone could make it into a story

  3. Which I would love to do, but events are occuring in my life right now which make writing well nigh impossible. =/ I'm sorry.

  4. Oh I see...unfortunately I'm not a romance buff so I don't think any of my ideas would be worth the while XD --Squeaks.