Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is my 100th post. So...what is the significance of that?
I can't think of anything special to do, so I'll post a drabble I wrote:

First Flight: Skye and Kestrel
Sprinkles of light dot the distance ceiling and one great round light stares down at me. “Kestrel?” My words don’t bounce back at me, and I wonder how big this room is. Kestrel tilted her head to one side, as if listening to something—or someone—I could not hear. ”We need to be higher.” She walked along the side till piles of smelly stuff came into view. “Climb up,” I scrambled after her till we stood on the edge of something. “Now,” she whispered and jumped.
I stopped a scream. “Kestrel?”
But my vision had adjusted. I saw her sweep across the air. “What?”
“Flying,” The word rang out. “Flying, Skye.”
I swallowed and jumped. For a moment I fell, like in night-pictures. But then my wings moved me up! Up, not down. The ground was gone, and the ceiling was not seen. Kestrel? The picture-link came on, showing the careful motions I’d seen her practice. She knew this.
Flight. I wondered what the Masks would have to say.
Don’t! The word screamed in my mind. We’re not going back. This is the world, and that, she winced. That is wrong. That was not our homes


  1. *leans forward* I like that. A lot.

    Are you ever going to do anything with their story... make it into a complete work? I think I like that idea more than any other you've discussed. There is so much to be found therein, and loved.

  2. Someday I'll work on it...but I fear it's too close to Maximium Ride to get published