Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Original State: An Eleventh Doctor one-shot

“Doctor, does the TARDIS have a laundromat?”
“Amy, the TARDIS has a swimming pool, library, greenhouse, sickbay, study, fifteen bathrooms, as well as a secondary control room and kitchen. It’s so big even I have trouble keeping track of the rooms inside.”
“Yes, but does it have a laundromat?” Amy rolled her eyes. “Laundry…that thing you do with filthy clothes. Where is it?”
“Past the library, fourth door on the—“The Doctor stared at his hands for a moment. “Left. Left is good. I like the left. I had a friend once who saved the world by turning left.”
Amy left the Doctor to mumble on about directions and beetles and coffee as she dragged the bag behind her. Somehow, she was able to find her way through the maze of doors to a room with two glass doors, each the size of a fridge, on the interior wall. Dials below the door were labeled in strange circular hieroglyphs. “The one on the left is the washer—I think,” she decided.
She threw some items inside, shut the door, and pressed a green button. A moment later, it pinged. “That was quick,” she exclaimed, reaching for the door.
“Baaa….” A pink nose prodded her hand. Amy jumped back as a shabby ewe wobbled forward. It stepped through the door, approaching her.
“DOCTOR!” Amy screamed. “There’s a sheep in your washing machine!”
Holding his sonic screwdriver before him, the Doctor ran into the room. “Amy, what—“ He looked down on the sheep. “Amy, what happened? I thought you were looking for a washing machine.”
“I was.” Amy crossed her arms.
“This is the mechanical regression machine. It restores deficient equipment by returning the parts to the original states. So it must have taken your clothing and restored it to the earliest consistent state. Must have had something wool in there--“ he glanced inside the box. “As well as synthetics and cotton.”
“Doctor,” Amy stared at him. “Great, now we have a sheep in the TARDIS. “
The Doctor bent over and began scratching the sheep on the head. “Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, little lamb.”
Amy shook her head and walked out to find a replacement outfit from the wardrobe room. The Doctor’s song echoed behind her. “Its fleece was white as snow….”

--fanfic wouldn't let me post, so I decided to post this here

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  1. There's an Eleven book in which the first chapter starts with the Doctor talking to a sheep. The TARDIS landed on the edge of a sheep dip, and he didn't look where he was going. ;)