Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Good Man Goes to War

Sorry for the belated response, but I am trying to have a life outside of the laptop, you know :)
To give you some idea of my immediate response, here are my real-time notes (spelling corrected)

One Point:
That’s all human and delicately
All running about
then he was dead, then he didn’t exist, then he was plastic

little baby

Little baby
baby time lord
not weapon
wedding night hijinks

Last Few Minutes:
The baby is flesh
Or is it Amy
No no no nooooooooooooooooo

not another ganger
please don’t let amy be another ganger

is Lorna River?
that can’t be right

River? Where the hell have you been
You could have tried

good spat
Not him
please not him
I don’t get him
Tell me
tell me

Water in the fores

Even if viewers weren't pleased with the content of River's revelation, the reveal was brilliantly written. (Apologies for the subtitles. It was all I could find)

Now we are left to go AGHHHHHHHH and ponder theories till next fall.


  1. That's about my train of thought, too, although I didn't write mine down and never suspected Lorna. The last few minutes were torture; I thought she'd never get the words out! Go Amy!

  2. That was quite the speech, though, wasn't it?

  3. Yeah, well, the second time I watched it I could appreciate it. :)
    I keep wondering when he carved "Melody Pond" on his cradle.
    And where the Doctor went. He can't retrieve her before she regenerates, can he?
    And what Rory's going to do to him.
    -Still Lostariel

  4. Well, I really did suspect Lorna. River said "the very end," and she shows up only seconds after Lorna dies.

    I'm not completely convinced we won't see her again; and I'm not expecting to find a baby when he catches up to Melody.

    Rory? He's patient. He'll punch the Doctor when he's good and ready to.

  5. I know--it was kind of misleading in a way.
    Same about Lorna--in fact, I think he hasn't met her yet, so he has to meet her later. And yeah, Melody is (99.999%) the girl regenerating in Day of the Moon.
    I think Rory has gained some serious badass levels since we first met him