Monday, November 14, 2011

NaNoWriMo Update Day 14

I had homework, so I left the wordcount at the back of my activities.Even so, I got up to 68031, mostly thanks to a character's 809-word monolouge. Part of it is excerpted here, mostly because I'm not sure what I'll chop from it.

It's like opening a door when the room on the other side is very dark and all you have is a torch.. With the torch, you might be able to find the switch and turn it on. But on the far side of the room, you see another door. Most people would stop there, but don't. Find the next door and open it. Sometimes it leads to a hallway that twists and turns without you noticing. Sometimes it opens into a whole new landscape that you've never seen before. Sometimes it will take all your courage to keep going. And sometimes, it will take you to the most precious place in the universe--it will take you back home.


  1. 'In the universe,' huh? Doctor much?

  2. You have been impossibly immersed in the Doctor, ja? But we all have. Whether or not we follow him around in his universe, he invariably influences the direction of our philosophy and our pens for the rest of our lives ... or so I believe.

    Awesome work on NaNo! I've got some catch-up to do. How are you managing it while studying in college and doing all those other fantastic things?

  3. Is that you, Gwendolyn? College is...well, college, but at least I've got all English classes now (except an intro to layout one, which is very interesting in its own way.)