Monday, July 16, 2012

he Care and Keeping of Fans--Exclusive Comic-Con Clips

So, the clips that were shown at Comic Con are not getting put online. Drats. Double drats. And the discussion on one of my favorite fan sites generally boils down to one point, a subpoint, and counter-points of the sub-point.

  • The program's made with British licensing fee--the British should get to see it too, because they paid for it.
  • Non-British counterpoints--It wasn't all the Americans who got to see it. Comic Con is international. A lot of Americans don't have BBC America anyway--can you blame them for wanting to see it.

Point 1, I agree with whole-heartedly. Point 2--I suppose. Counterpoint--Yes. British fans, you all have access to the series automatically--by TV or iPlayer. We don't.

One of my Doctor Who DVDs says "You can watch BBC America for the low, low price--of absolutely no additional money whatsoever." Pfft! Only if you already have satellite or cable TV. Yes, there's iTunes, but you know how much one season costs--$80! Eighty dollars through BBC America. Good luck being a poor American Whovian. Especially a legal one.

But I still want a trailer.

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