Friday, February 28, 2014

Only the Emotional Damage is Real

Even though only two of my fandoms are currently releasing new TV episodes, I'm still buried neck-deep in emotional, fictional drama.  Currently airing shows are My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Call the Midwife. MLP, as good as it is, is not the sort of show to inspire intense feels or generate worry.  Call the Midwife, while primarily consisting of cute babies, also has the ongoing storyline of the Turners for fans to brood over.
As one of  (if not the most) developed, morally-upright of my OTPS, and one of my few non-speculative OTPs, they don't have the tangled, tormented possibilities of, say, Eleven and River Song, but that almost makes it worse. They've already been through enough--just let them be happy for once! Furthermore, some fans have a tendency for thorough analysis based on plot summaries, while I'd rather wait for the actual episode. But it's such a friendly fandom that I'm almost okay with it.
But the primary cause of fandom anxiety right now is Agents of Shield and the fate of Sky. Since "TRACKS" aired February 4, I've been on pins and needles regarding the character's survival odds.  She's a cute girl in a show connected with Joss Whedon--bad. But she has all sorts of dramatic potential and her situation could bring to light some things about Agent Coulson's experience, so maybe she'll live. On the other hand again, the episode is called "Tahiti," which raises all sorts of  red flags. Furthermore, I like Sky--she's funny, has a knack for noticing certain things, and her dynamic with Couslon is adorable beyond belief. I keep thinking he should adopt her, if such things are possible with legal adults.
Also sitting in my mind, like a pebble in the shoe, is the upcoming season eight of Doctor Who.  The Doctor's regenerated, Clara's staying on, and it was recently announced that another character will be joined the team sometime during the season. Just because I don't like judging characters before I see them doesn't mean I'm not mulling over things and missing Eleven.  And with this many months before the next season, the tension is killing me.

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