Thursday, February 15, 2018

They Were Single Too

They Were Single Too by David M. Hoffeditz is an updated nonfiction book highlighting eight Biblical individuals.  It's primarily informative about the Biblical figures mentioned. The book has one chapter each on Paul, Anna, Martha, Jeremiah, Ruth, Joseph, Nehemiah, and John the Baptist. I really appreciated the variety of people mentioned--Anna's years of widowhood present an entirely different perspective than Paul's ministry or Joseph's temptations.The book is less than 150 pages long, and each chapter ends with a few brief questions for reflection.
I found this book quick and easy to read, with a good tone and perspective. It might be a good conversation starter for a a small group.It also has good historical context and background for the Biblical characters.
Some books meant for single adults are just aimed at 20-something year olds. The author of this book acknowledges that not all singles are that age. The examples cover a wide range of ages, so that singles of a variety of ages will find something useful in this book. I really enjoyed reading it and will probably read it again.  If you're looking for something addressing church culture and singleness, this is an okay place to start but not really sociology-oriented.
Three and a half of five stars.