Thursday, September 24, 2009

NaNoWriMo Question~Updated

I can't wait for NaNoWriMo 09...thirty days to write 50k~
But I can't decide on a story.
Want to help?

format: 1st person

Structure:Two parts
2.Skye—after Kes’s death

Kestrel’s story/dream of the fire and escape

Main Characters:
Kestrel—18, homo avius with brown eyes and wings
Sky—15, homo avius with blue eyes and wings
Hannah—60s, homo sapiens with blue eyes

Minor Characters:
Lark, Cardinal, Swallow, Sparrow, Wren—female homo avius
Hawk, Heron, Raven, Jay, Oriole, Finch—male homo avius

Homo avius [Keslings] came from another world. Adonai opened a door into ours. Some younglings lost at separate times and were caught by scientists. The ‘Masks’ fed them on kibble like beasts.

Kestrel and Skye escape and are found by Hannah, a compassionate older women. Kestrel and Hannah try to convince the scientists to let the fledglings go, but they are murdered. Skye returns six months later and sets them free.

Not Maximum Ride, but a dream

Format: 3rd person

Opening: Kimaya driving Pari and Kelvyn away from a wedding

Main Characters:
Kimaya—17, JaThal’s daughter who foolishly [secretly] lost magic
Hasani—15, crippled left leg ‘since birth,’
MiłjǎtaanPari—12, lost magic to save boy
Rađmœr~ mage, restores magic

Minor Characters
Æva; 14, granddaughter of cleanser, kept in isolation
Aulis, 19, Kimaya’s brother, falls in love with Æva

All women born with potential for growing magic, which wakens from ages 5-8. It is ‘lost’ by touch between individuals. Most high class women wear gloves and veils. But one village, Miłjǎta, ‘cleanses’ girls as toddlers, to avoid ‘evil’ magic.

Kimaya, Hasani, and Pari set out to find a mage—Kimaya to restore her magic, Hasani to kill him, and Pari because her father ordered her to. Kimaya’s father has Æva pose as Kimaya, but Aulis falls in love with her.

An abandoned group story on a forum


  1. Wow! Well, it's hard to compare a story to a one liner, but personally I'd like to see "Skye" expanded. On the other hand, "Untouchable" could get interesting particularly if these girls have romantic interests...

  2. Skye reminded me of Maximum Ride, but better. Much better. I love to read books about flying. I'm working on my own novel called "The Flyers." I've written two versions of it for Nano, but... it still needs another total rewrite. I never get tired of writing/reading about flying.

    Untouchable sounds intriguing too, but I'd need to know more about it if I were to vote for it. I'm not a huge fan of "magic" as it is described and used in modern fantasy (like Harry Potter, etc). What kind of magic do you mean? In my novels I generally stay away from magic. I do have special miraculous gifts or talents, not derived from magic but from God (or a character representing God), or special abilities from advanced science-- even made-up science.

  3. Skye has absolutely nothing to do with Max besides the imprisoned winged-human bit. Plus, Skye has wings, not arms.
    And the magic in Untouchable is growing magic--like touching things and making them grow...I guess it could be considered 'fertility' magic, but obviously not in the human sense.

  4. Edit to last comment. The other major difference between Skye and Max is that Skye will met trustworthy adults. Max is a little skewed in that way.

  5. I VOTE FOR UNTOUCHABLE!!! PLEASE! It sounds great!

  6. Yeah, I didn't like Max one bit, but I think I could really like a novel about Skye.

  7. Hi Galadriel. I just wanted to let you know about a cool book giveaway going on at my blog if you're interested. (And if you haven't already entered.) I'm giving away three hardcover copies of "Curse of the Spider King," Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper's new book.

  8. Well, they both sound definitely interesting, but I really like Fledgling...possibly because one of the main character's is my name sake. *grins*

    They both sound great though! ^^

    Following you. ;)