Sunday, April 4, 2010

If We All Live for Something…

Why do we live our lives in the way we do? On the most elementary level, the answers are easy: we eat because we’re hungry, study so we can get good grades, watch TV because we’re bored…the list goes on and on.
But what about the deeper reasons? Why do we make friends with one person and not another? Why do we even bother crawling out of bed in the morning—besides the alarm clock? Why does life have meaning?
My church youth group recently completed a study called “Underground Reality—Vietnam” put out by Voice of the Martyrs. The theme song of the study was “Look to Love,” by SonicFlood. The chorus starts out with the lines “if we all live for something…”
Some people—even some Christians—have no purpose for life. They just shuffle through the world aimlessly.What are you living for?


  1. Ah, so I crawl out of my hidey-hole to add a comment. ^_^

    This has been a topic heavy on my mind as of late. What am I living for? What is every minute of my day spent doing, and why is it spent doing that? And what's it all worth? /Why/ am I doing that?

    Especially now since losing family members to sudden death, I've been looking for the purpose, the resolve, behind the menial things of life. The day to day things that we do without thinking.

    And I learned. I learned that everything I do I am doing for my heavenly Father; for love of my family, for growth of spirit and to reach further towards heaven.

    I want to be ready for eternity whenever it comes, because I know I'll never be able to go back and re-do time I wasted or things I did with a less than zeal-filled heart. Just keeping this foremost in my mind has done so much more for keeping my daily, hourly focus straight.

    *returns to hidey-hole to watch*

  2. *crawls into Gwen's hidey-hole after her* Gwen,that was beautiful. And I'm not letting you hide in there forever. Even if it takes you a while to figure out the purpose of blogging, I'll help you out.
    You should have a blog, Gwen. I still haven't entirely figured out the purpose of blogging, so we can hang out together and share our confusion. That was a beautiful comment, and you should have your own blog.