Saturday, April 30, 2011

From a new fan

From a new fan to long-time devotees,
In one sense, the distinction is arbitrary; after all, we love the same things. The wonderful sound of the TARDIS materializing, the constant calamities, the wonders of time and space…the eccentric, confounding enigma of the Doctor.
But there is also a gap—between those whose Doctor is Tom Baker and those whose Doctor is David Tennant, those who sport celery and those who promote bow-ties, those who exalt Sarah Jane and those who praise Rose. It is, in one sense, a generation gap, with fifty to thirty-year-olds on one side and college students, teens, and kids on another. The groups may overlap, but the classic and the new are not automatically melded.
I belong to the latter group, and will confess that some of us are vehement defenders of the new series. to the abrupt dismissal of the classic canon. But there are those of us are willing—even eager—to explore the classic series: to laugh at the Sixth Doctor’s final words; to cry at Susan’s departure; to nibble a Jelly Baby and trip over a thirty-one-foot scarf.
So guide us into the older halls; tell us the older sagas as best you recall. Be patient with us when we mistake Ian or Harry for the Doctor because he’s closer to the age we’re accustomed to seeing, when we laugh at the bubble-wrap Wyrm of “The Ark in Space,” when we wonder why the sonic screwdriver isn’t as frequently used.
It will be a mutually beneficial relationship, after all: you can gasp at the kissing scenes while we mock the screaming of the old assistants.*
An appreciative newcomer

*Maybe the screaming is why he never kissed any of them. Would you want to kiss someone who nearly burst your eardrums on a regular basis?


  1. I believe, Galadriel, the reason he never kissed any of his companions was the fact that he WAS older, and took on a grandfather/father/older brother role. It wasn't about romance and relationship either, it was about saving the world from monsters and exploring.

    I was disappointed when he kissed Rose and more disappointed when the writers did what the did to her. *sigh* I stopped watching primarily after that.

    Whoops. I was logged in to take care of the blog. Ah well. This is Everlastingscribe, of the League ;) Not all of us think this way by a long shot.

  2. I don't really approve of the romance either, but more because of how hard it hits the Doctor when the companions leaves. Moffat, (series 5 &6)is definately backing away from it on the Doctor's side...which is not the same as saying the tension's not there. But even series four is not romantic.