Friday, January 20, 2012

Commuting To Reality: Stirring the Soup

There once was a cook who liked to explor different recipes for stew. Not all of them turned out well, but all of them were learning experiances. Because the cook wanted to explore other options, she decided to take a class from a head chef. The chef would only allow vegetarian soup, believing that meat-based stocks were only a way to ignore subtle flavors. Besides, so many people were becoming vegetarians that it was not a wise idea to make meat stews.
The cook sighed but accepect. After spending much time rummaging through the vegetables offered, she chose her ingrediants and made a small batch of stew. The chef tasted the sample, declaring that the cook's favorite ingrediant (although used in smaller quanities than the cook prefered)was too strong for the restrictions. And the result desired was such that the cook could only met it by nearly elimating her ingrediant.
The afore mentioned cook is also weary of the soups that the chef requires students sample.

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