Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fanfiction Spotlight: madis hartte

Today's Featured Author: madis hartte
I know this author from a Christian fantasy author's forum where I hang out on a regular basis. Her stories are absolutely amazing!
Recommended Reading:
Everything, but especially
Melody Williams a plot/drabble collection of stories with Melody from Pete's World and the Metacrisis. A wonderful pairing, especially the voice of the young TARDIS the Metacrisis is growing. Don't be overwealmed by the length--some of the chapters are just one sentence.
Recommended for: fans of River and the Doctor, people who like AUs with amazing character development.


  1. Recommended for fans of Doctor Who, full stop. I don't like River and I still favorite everything she writes. I mean it, EVERYTHING.

  2. I don't like romance much and I still drool over her Doctor/River kissing fic. Yeah, that takes skill.

  3. In, recommended for anyone who loves reading. I've been catching up on her original work on deviantart.