Saturday, March 31, 2012

Magic of the Angels

While I was in London over spring break, I happened to pick up a few books that aren't easily availible in the States. This is one of them. Plus, at 2 pds, was cheaper than any meal I had in London. Magic of the Angels is a Doctor Who story in the Quickreads line, designed to encourage literacy and reading. Just over a hundred pages long, it's an easy read--I'm thinking of loaning it to a ten-year-old introductory Whovian.
The Doctor's attempts to play tourist in modern London don't go so well, but he ends up taking Amy and Rory to a magican's show in an attempt to learn the magican's secret. Since a Weeping Angel is featured on the cover, it's not too much of a giveaway to say that one is behind the events. It provides a nice combination of the Blink and Time of the Angels/Flesh and Stone conceptions of the Angels, as well as a hilarious listing of the Doctor's view of London's tourist attractions. I read it at Heathrow Airportm appreciating it all the more because I'd been to most of those places.
As a quick, entertaining read, it tops the charts.

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  1. Y-y-you went to LONDON???
    I just put nine or so DW novels on hold at my library. This wasn't one, although Touched by an Angel may be similar.