Friday, October 12, 2012

The Restorer's Journey

Even though The Restorer's Journey is the conclusion of a trilogy, I had no difficulty understanding the story or picking up threads from the past books. At some point, I might read the prequels, but the book can be read without them.
One element that makes this series stand out to me is the family relationships. Most fantasy novels marginalize family--children are orphans or raised by evil step parents; adults are bachelors. Instead, the main characters of this book are a suburban mom and her teenage son--the dad is also present, but probably plays a stronger role in the previous books.
The first person point-of-view switches between the mom and her son, but the plot is easy to follow without being too simple. Both characters are realistic, well-rounded portrayals of Christian faith in action. As an expanded edition, this volume also has cut scenes, extra links, and a discussion guide.
Four of Five Stars

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