Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Once Upon a Time: Into the Deep

“You can’t, it’s far too dangerous!”
“I’ve faced you, it can’t be worse!”
—Regina and David, Once Upon a Time
Not only do we get a new episode of Once Upon a Time after two weeks, but I got to watch this one on the television itself! Yipee! There are advantages to going home over break, and this is one of them, even if I had to explain characters to my dad and put up with my brother’s insults.
I’m not a fan of Regina, by any means, but she’s making an effort, at least. I still think any scenes with Henry and David are absolutely adorable, and David’s decision to put himself under a sleeping curse was absolutely sweet. I hadn’t even considered a kiss in the neitherworld, so that part didn’t surprise me, but that whole scene was adorable…okay, this is a ramble, but a good ramble

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