Monday, April 15, 2013

Base Under Siege (Underwater): Cold War

Worst of the Time Lords,  129 
(alt text:  ”I plotted to destroy the Earth!” “Sorry, doesn’t narrow it down.”
Okay, this comic doesn’t really have much to do with this episode, but I was having trouble coming up with a good title for this review and I thought this quote could be worked in as a “returning-monster-reference.”
With that out of the way…Cold War. I’ve seen enough Classic episodes with this format to know what to expect. And setting the story on a submarine definitely increased the dramatic tension. Not only is something running around trying to kill you, but the machine itself is in danger. The way Gatiss used the Ice Warrior was clever too—you weren’t really sure what you were looking for. 
All that said, I didn’t really enjoy it in the same way I enjoyed Rings of Akhaten. Clara had an interesting scene with the Ice Warrior, but the cramped scenery and pacing made it difficult to see any further development in her character. I did like the Professor—was expecting him to die all the way through and was immensely pleased when he didn’t, especially since his only question about the future was if the the band Ultravox splits up. 
And what was with the Barbie? Nice to see the return of the HDS, though it’s a ridiculous function for him to invent in the first place.

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