Saturday, April 27, 2013

Not a Ghost Story: Hide

Okay, so this post is late. But I had lots of homework due this week, and to be frank I should be working on more of it right now, but I feel like I should get this post up now.
I'm still adjusting to Clara, so that has to be factored into my review. I thought there were some good quotes
Boy and girl fall in love, get separated by events, all politics, accidents in time. She’s thrown out of the hex, or he’s thrown into it, since then they’ve been yearning for each other across time and space.
Which I thought was a beautiful reference to River, even if some people took it for Rose Tyler. And the professor's comments about WWII:
Because I killed. And I caused to have killed. I sent young men and women to their deaths, but here I am still alive and.. That tend to haunt you, living, after so much of.. the other thing.
Another beautiful reference to the Time War,  even though the character didn't mean it. On the other hand, I would have liked to see the TARDIS snark at Clara even more--it seemed to get resolved rather quickly for the potential consequences.  The setting was interesting--I wonder if it's a deliberate callback to Four's era,  with the '70s and "assistants."  But the whole was less than the sum of its parts.

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