Monday, May 13, 2013

Nightmare in Silver

Okay, so I'm not coming up with a clever title for this review, but that's because Neil Gaiman's title was  so brilliant. I mean, what story could live up to that promise?
It came pretty close. Okay, I'm still not scared of the Cybermen, but considering that the top three scariest monsters on the show, in my opinion, are the Weeping Angels,  Vashta Nerada, and Silence, the Cybermen didn't stand a chance. They are definitely much more of a threat now, with the instant-upgrades ability and universally comparable-ness.
My biggest concern with the episode was Angie and Archie. Okay, I like kids, I love seeing the Doctor interact with kids, but I don't think they added anything to the story. In fact, they seemed kind of bratty. You threaten your nanny, get taken to a futuristic planet, and wander off to be turned into zombies.  There was a cut scene explaining why  they weren't just sent back to the TARDIS to nap--Gaiman's twitter confirmed it--but I'd kind of like to know why myself.

Let's see, what else? The Mr. Clever vs the Doctor was good, kudos to Matt Smith for high-quality acting. Clara did a good job mobilizing the soldiers as well, but...well, I have a whole separate post about Clara's mystery and why I don't feel it's working.

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