Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shadow Hand

(spoilers for Moonblood)

Foxbrush's life is falling apart. Sure, he's prince of Southlands, engaged to the Lady Daylily, but years of the Dragon's poison have withered the land. Furthermore, Daylily only agreed to marry him as long as they never loved each other. When she learns otherwise, Daylily flees on her wedding day and disappears into the Wildlands. Foxbrush follows her and finds himself in a strange jungle that seems vaguely familiar. What are these beasts demanding tribute? Why the repeated references to the King of Here and There? And why are elder figs available in abundance, when he's only know them to be dry and tasteless?
Before reading this book, one should read Veiled Rose and Moonblood for context, while Dragonwitch provides background for other characters.
While I love all the Tales of Goldstone Wood books, this book really explores the fluid nature of time between realms, as well as the nature of prophecy. I completely recommend it.

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