Saturday, March 22, 2014

Take This Cup by Brock and Bodie Thoene

Nehemiah has grown up in the mountains of Persia, herding sheep and hearing stories from his parents. Stories of Torah. Stories of how his father met his mother while selling his wool in Jerusalem. Stories of his rabbi’s visit to Bethlehem thirty years ago to see the newborn king.  When Nehemiah’s family is attacked by bandits, the rabbi sends him to Jerusalem with a gift for the Messiah—the cup of Joseph.
Much of the plot focuses on the cup that is known to legend as the Holy Grail, but before the events that earned it such fame. Instead, it is traced even further back, to the time of the patriarchs. While some people might find this ridiculous, I thought it was well written and a good way to remind readers that everything in the Bible  is part of a united whole.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the authors’ previous series , the AD Chronicles, for its vivid portrayal of minor Biblical characters, such as the blind beggar in John 9. This book has the same characterization as the previous series, but the book stands well on its own.   Even readers who aren’t normally fans of historical fiction will appreciate the detail and characters of this book.

I received a free ebook from Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review

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