Monday, June 30, 2014

Five Glass Slippers

The story of Cinderella has been told many times in many ways. The anthology Five Glass Slippers  contains five variants on the tale with different perspectives on  the characters and settings. The first story “What Eyes Can See,” spends most of its time after the ball, as the prince tries to woo his reluctant betrothed.  Told in a lovely, old-fashioned tone, the contrast between audience expectations and the  characters’ wishes creates a lovely, humorous story.
Rosalind, the heroine of the second tale, “Broken Glass,” has her own plans; while she may want to marry into the royal family, the proposal came from the wrong brother. In order to marry the one she wants, she’ll have to concoct a few schemes of her own.   Likewise, “The Windy Side of Care” features a  heroine who is determined to reclaim the throne.  The last two tales take up the Cinderella tale and resettle it in strange soils—outer space and the realms of faerie.  “A Cinder’s Tale”  occurs on a planetary mining settlement, while “The Moon-Master’s Ball” contains strange, unearthly creatures.

The variety of stories fit together perfectly, providing something for readers with a variety of tastes.  The stories are well-written and enjoyable.

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