Thursday, July 29, 2010

Curse of the Spider King

"When Kim Lee jumped from the window to escape her knife-weilding parents, she thought it was her only escape..."
In Curse of the Spider King, authors Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper join pens to craft a tale of elves and spiders. Eight hundred years ago, minions of the Spider King overran the capital of Breinfall and captured the seven offspring of the Elven Lords. But the Drifends fear the curse of the elves too much to kill the lords' offspring, so they instead abandon the children on Earth. But as the seven children reach their thirteenth year, Elf Sentials attempt to bring the children home to Allyra.
The book was very vivid and suspenseful, like a movie, with realistic characters, but it was hard to keep the seven children straight at first, especially because they were scattered across the Western Hemisphere. A few of the characters had dialects as well, which was slightly hard to read.
The authors also did a good job of keeping the characters realistic. At one point, the girls were discussing the boys' appearance while the guys were trading notes on injuries.
Four out of five stars

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