Thursday, July 15, 2010

JulNoWriMo Updates #14-15

Well, I have reached a milestone.
HURRAH! This is a new record for me. In my first NaNo, I got to 38k by the 18th, so this is really good for me.

UPDATE: Total for the day is 41, 104


  1. Time for a serious hurrah?

  2. Hi, Galadriel. This is Mary from ApricotPie and The Writer's Lair. Recently I was digging through the AP archives and read your essay 'The Secret Fire'. I absolutely loved it, and was wondering if you would be willing to allow me to post it at The Lair with with you as a guest blogger. If not, I completely understand, but if so, please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.
    Also, well done so far on JulNoWriMo. Although, I never even had the guts to try NaNo once a year, let alone twice!