Thursday, April 12, 2012

So, readers of this blog might just have noticed that I am an avid Whovian. And as season seven is currently filming in New York, a lot of pictures and video clips have been surfacing online. Including this one: essently a half-minute clip of someone walking past pigeons in a park. It doesn't reveal anything about the plot, the character, or anything, really. It's meaningless. But it's a sneak preview of something that will be awesome.
One part of me said that this takes obession too far, watching a short clip of someone doing something others do countless times a day just because he's in a tv show, but as I sat down to type this up, I had another thought. Maybe it's an example, not of how derranged fans can be, but of how obessed believers should be. We should want to spend every chance we get with Christ, study him and become more like him deliberately, because of who he is and what he has done and will do.
Or maybe my synapses have completely broken down and overanalyze everything...

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  1. Yeah, sometimes I wonder why us Christians have trouble focusing on Christ as much as we focus on wordly things.