Friday, April 20, 2012

Miraculous Movements

Miraculous Movements is a brief account of a church planter in West Africa. He explains the miraculous explosion of the church among Muslims, even in strongly Islamic areas. The author attributes this success to the church-planting method used, which uses both relationships and a certain type of Bible studies. In the interest of full disclosure, I am not in a position to personally judge the effectiveness of these methods. I do not encounter Muslims, nor am I in vocational ministry, though I do have a church background. I requested this book from Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze program (a free book in exchange for an unbiased review), because I wanted to understand that area of ministry better. The methods proposed by this book are Biblically sound and presented as an alternative to some “traditional” methods, but does not set out to bash others. It then provides examples of what this looks like in practice and the outcomes. One of the ironies of this method (acknowledged by the author) is that an emphasis on community faith instead of number of converts actually results in more converts. I was also surprised by the hunger for God in the Muslim world, thought I suppose people who are already attempting to follow God are more aware of his absence then those who don’t even try. I also appreciated the brief appendix with an outline of the discipline method. It has the potential to be used in most contexts, with no culture-bound practices. I would recommend this book for people who are involved in missions, even if it’s just community outreach in your small town.

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