Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tumblr Repost: Why do I do this to Myself?

So, I really shouldn’t be watching School Reunion when I’m already in a bad mood, not to mention it’s only three days away from the first anniversery of Lis Sladen’s death…but…but…

You know what really makes this better? David Tennant was a fan of classic Who. When he was a little boy hiding behind the couch, the companion he was watching was Sarah Jane Smith. And School Reunion was in the first “block” of episodes he filmed as the Doctor. In the forward he wrote for Sladen’s autobiography, he says “it was the realisation of a childhood fantasy I never imagined that I would entertain.” So that moment where she walks into the office with Finch and he looks up with that expression on his face….

That’s David Tennant with his childhood hero. Just like Time Crash is Tennant fanboying the Fifth Doctor. And his last appearance as the Doctor was actually on the Sarah Jane Adventures episode “The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith.” True story. I know Ten loved Rose in some way, but the Doctor—any Doctor—always has a place in his heart for Sarah.

Some things are worth getting your heart broken for.