Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Twilight Zone

Snow on the first day of classes after spring break is a little weird,  although normal for this region of the country. First day of spring today? In my dreams, sweet summer child.  We're probably the only people to understand the phenomenon of "second winter"--such as last year, when we had an 80 degree week in March followed by 50s and 40s.  
But what's even weirder is the effect of Daylight Savings Time.  It got kind of trippy to begin with, since I was down at my grandparents' that weekend, and we went to their church...which happened to be just inside another time zone. So I'm not sure what that did to my body clock, but...
It's still light out till, like 6 pm! Left for Awana the other night and it felt so off driving to church in daylight. I don't think my mental clock is comfortable with this yet. And that's not even counting food schedules...yeah, I have no idea about time anymore.

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