Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wreck-It Ralph

It seems last night was a Wreck-It Ralph night for a lot of people--two of my Facebook friends commented about (trying) to watch it, and my family rented it from Redbox. I was actually more interested in Rise of the Guardians (especially because it's gained a four-way crossover fandom on Tumblr), but it actually was really fun. I cared about the characters and loved the scenery in Sugar Rush, but it didn't produce any of the intense "feels" that Doctor Who or even Once Upon a Time does.

Ralph is tired of smashing windows and living in the dump in his video game. The only way his life is going to improve is if he gets a shiny medal, so he sets out to get one. But his attempts to climb the tower in Hero's Duty go wrong, and he crashes into the candy-racing world of Sugar Rush, accidentally bringing a computer virus with him. But his biggest problem is Vanellope, a "glitch" who steals his medal in order to enter the big after-hours race.
It's been a while since I've watched an animated film, and I've forgotten how much fun it was. Oh, it was really funny, and I loved Vanellope and Ralph. They were so sweet together, like a big brother and a way-younger sister who gets on his nerves but he still loves her.  
Next on the list: Rise of the Guardians.

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