Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thrice-Told Tales: And then I'll brush and brush, and brush and brush my hair...

Although the story of Rapunzel is fairly well known, it is less-frequently adapted than some of the others, especially Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast.  Part of the reason may include the undercurrents of parental neglect and  (in some versions) teenage pregnancy. 
One version I've read is Zel by Napoli.  When I first read it, I didn't even recognize the original source.  However, if you read it with that knowledge, it provides an entirely different perspective on the story. 
I don't really need to say much about Tangled, the 2010 Disney film, besides that the songs are amazing, the characters are well-developed,and the artwork is gorgeous. 

My last recommendation is a short story written by a friend. The Captain of Chi Lung featured a role-reversed retelling in an Asian setting. Unfortunately, there's no overall link, so you'll have to sort through the ones I provided.

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  1. Oh, I definitely want to check those out... I LOVE Tangled (maybe a little too strongly, haha).