Monday, December 2, 2013

No Cape Required

As a fan of sci-fi, fantasy and graphic novels, this devotional caught my eye. Although it was a quick, easy read with a few good questions, I was disappointed by the superficial lessons and simplified story lines.   For example, Robin Hood is provided as an example of charity, while ignoring that Robin’s charity came from criminal gains.  Jake Sully is listed as “protecting others”, which is similar to the listed trait for Katniss. 
Another problem I have is some of the author’s sources. His chapter on Eustace is drawn entirely from the film adaptation, including quotes.  And for the Hunchback of Notre Dame, he refers to an old film very few people will have access too.

 While I can admire the author’s intentions, I did not find this book useful.  It might be useful for upper elementary children, but older kids would benefit more from reading the books or watching the movies mentioned for themselves.   Parents might  use this book to movies to watch, but the oversimplification annoyed me. Stories, while they may have good lessons, should not be boiled down to those lessons; students should be allowed to explore stories for themselves. Perhaps they’ll find something new that no one else did.

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