Friday, December 27, 2013

The First (Doctor) this Face Saw

So, before my post (s?) about Time of the Doctor, I have to comment about familial reactions to my reactions.  Specifically, my mom’s reaction.
My younger brother and I were lying on his bed, watching Time of the Doctor on my laptop, lights off, propped up on pillows, and vocally responding every few seconds with cries of  ”The cracks!” “Trenzalore!” and most frequently “River should be here.” 
Then there were flashing lights. Hm? Was something odd going on with the screen? Oh, Mom was taking pictures. “Mooomm,” I muttered. What’s up with this?
Not to mention a few random comments. “Are you okay in there? What’s going on ?”
After I came out, she’s like “What was going on in there?”
"He grew old, he grew old and River wasn’t there, she should have been there."
"Who’s River?"
"His wife," *tone between laughter, tears, and snorts.
Since I graduated in December, I’m likely to be home for a while, and I’m trying to figure out how to explain the feels to her. Or if I even should. I sat her down for The Eleventh Hour , but she’s pretty much a stranger to Doctor Who and scifi in general.  
Should I even try to explain why Matt’s wig had me shouting “Put it back on, put it back on.” Or  why his mention of River had me punch the air.  Or the fish custard and Amy Pond…Amy, Amy, Amelia…Raggedy Man, goodbye.  
I have a feeling she’d keep looking at me like “and, why?” On the other hand, I do want her to have at least some idea why I’m shouting at the computer.

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