Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beyond the Summerland

One of the authors in the Motiv8 tour is L.B. Graham, author of The Binding of the Blade series. The first book is Beyond the Summerland. Visit the author's website at ttp://www.bindingoftheblade.com/book1.html

Here is my own personal review:

This book starts off as a rather normal fantasy, complete with the standard average-young-man-who-discovers-he’s-got-a-destiny main character. But the author skillfully builds the story into a gripping fantasy with a touch of romance. Joraiem’s struggles are believable and relatable for fantasy fans of both genders. Tense battle scenes are balanced with emotional struggles. The only problem for first time readers is the shocking plot twist at the end. Those who preserve through the entire series will come to understand it, even if they never are satisfied with the ending. My only other recommendation is to check the entire series out at one go. Once you read the first one, you won’t be able to sleep until everything is resolved in the fifth book

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  1. Hey Gala! (It's Purl from BotB) Great review of Summerland. Like the idea of having a blog just for reviewing books!