Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bringer of Storms

Although this book opens seventeen years after Beyond the Summerland, the author manages to naturally weave in an outline of the interlude. For seven years Aljeron has led the men of Shalin Bel against the city of Fel Edorath in hopes of bringing Rulalin to justice. But unforeseen events reverse the tables. Malek, about to launch his third and final attack on Kirthanin, offers Rulalin a position in his army. Will Rulalin abandon his beliefs and accept?
Meanwhile, Valzaan rides to Ammon Sul with shocking news. How will Wylla react when she learns her son, like his father, has been appointed a prophet? Can she let him go into the face of danger with no certainty of surviving?The conclusion follows its predecessor in hitting readers with an unforeseen ending. I was shocked, yet couldn’t resist opening the next one. These books have a way of gripping you even as you can’t stand some of the plot twists. In a way, that’s part of their power.

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