Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shadow in the Deep

After the fall of Valzaan on the beach of Col Marena, the army flees Wethanin by ship, hoping to find aid in Suthanin. But Aljeron must follow a different path. Bound by a promise to Valzaan, he sets off on a quest across the wilds of Nolthanin in hope of awaking the legendary Sulmandir, Father of Dragons. But the cold and beasts aren’t his only enemies. Synoki, the secretive castaway from the first book, shows up with a friend who claims to have traveled in Nolthanin before. Can they be trusted?
While traveling, Benjaih is invited to the Tarlindraal, where he receives a vision from Allfather calling for the union of four great peoples. Who are they, and can the army hold out until then?
Readers of the first two books may be expecting a dramatic ending, but Graham raises the bar by having TWO shocking cliffhangers. Who is the man in the golden cloak? And what will happen as the army crosses the Kalamin?

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