Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Curse of the Black Spot

I will be irregularly posting responses to series six of Doctor Who. I will be assuming that readers have already seen it--so no spoiler tags or plot summeries, yaddah yaddah yaddah

To paraphrase Moffat "We've done the roller coaster--now for the ghost train." And after the heart-twisting terrors of the coaster, it's actually a relief to face some good old-fashioned ghosties. Except she isn't. Not really.
Some people on the internet are getting their sails crossed about historical inaccuracies, which, in the face of a 900-year-old bowtie-wearing Time Lord, isn't really the series' greatest concern.
Poor Rory. This marks his fourth 'death' in his time on the show. Didn't expect that with the Sirien either. Makes sense, though. In fact, I saw a post online that explains why the Sirien took the TARDIS: It's always having trouble. It's sick .And what's up with Eyepatch Lady (seriously, that is her name in the credits)?
All in all, not as good as the opener, but a more restful episode. Not that it's saying much with Nightmare Station Fuel Attendant Moffat at the wheel.
Next week...The Doctor's Wife.
My guess is it will not be what we expect.

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