Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Rebel Flesh

On this season's theme park-adventure, we've already faced the roller-coaster, the ghost train, and the live show. Next up, the house of mirriors, with strange reflections staring back at you.
After an unsuccessful attempt to drop Rory and Amy off for fish and chips,the Doctor lands at an island with an absolutely beautiful 13th century monastary. Judging from an unearthed pipe marked "corrosive" and echoes of Dusty Springfield from the towers, the Doctor deducts that they are not in the 1200s, and, more importantly, are about to be greeted by "almost people."
What follows has been dubbed "Avatar meets the Thing." From the first preview I saw, I was intriguged by the premise. After reluctantly watching Avatar for a class project, I found the implications of such a project more interesting. What if an avatar gained a will of its own? Would it resent the controller, even if they were meant to be the same? The Rebel Flesh begins to answer those questions.
Sarah Start, who plays Jennifer and her ganger, deserves special credit. The original Jennifer is suspicious and angry, while the clone is absolutely heartbreaking in her confusion.
Of course, this wouldn't be Doctor Who without mystery and terror.Eyepatch Lady makes another apperiance, and the "flesh" itself is potent nightmare fuel, especially when the gangers become unstable...4/5
Oh, and they DIDN'T kill Rory

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