Monday, May 30, 2011

The Almost People--HUGE SPOILERS!


That is my reaction to The Almost People in three words. It was one of the first episodes that actually kept me up at night afterwards--not because it was explictly frighting, but because of the fridge horror.
Amy's been a gange for all of season six. And the only hint was the occasional glimpses of Eyepatch Lady.What makes us so sure that we aren't all gangers? And for that matter, that we actually are in the same physical condition? GangerAmy wasn't pregnant (which was what confused the TARDIS) but real Amy was. When she woke up in the prison cell, suddenly giving birth, I nearly had a heart attack.
And that's apart from the Holocaust-echoing piles of defective gangers and the slowly rotting eyes patched on the wall. Watching, just watching, and fully conscious all the time.
Then, after watching the trailer for the next episode, and the prequel as well. Blue dude has it right:"God help us if you've made him (the Doctor) angry!"
What will Moffat do next?

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