Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Of Roni'ith and Valentines

I was reviewing my old work in progress Three Dark Roses last night, and this morning they woke up with specific opinions on Valentine's Day. So just to make things interesting, I shall conduct a virtual interview with the Shoshannah Micah.
Background information: A Shoshannah combines the roles of viliage leader and healer. His healing methods use roses and music to treat illness.

So, what do you think of Valentine's Day,
Micah: It's childish and slighly horrifying.

Why? I explained the historical background and significance...
Micah: I still don't understand how someone could have enough power to outlaw marriage, but what modern people have made of it is childish. Do they not understand what marriage and love really are?

So let's break it down. What do you think of the candies and cards?
While sweet things are nice, they are more meant for children or the ill. And cards I also do not understand. Our system of writing is rarely used, and letters are precious, not just gooey expressions of mush

Ah. Now for the big can of worms. Flowers and Valentines.
Micah: Let me try to explain. In your world, you have a symbol called a cross, correct? And this symbol is of great significance to believers, though other people sometimes treat it as simple jewelry, although less so when it is a crucifix?

Micah: Now imagine a holiday where you doodled crucifixes on scraps of paper, handed out ones that were thrown away afterwards,and plastered you with advertisements to buy some.

Micah. Yes. That is why I find this holiday called "Valentine's" to be childish and more than slightly sickening. The holidays in our world focus on the King and the world he created, not mushy feelings.

What would your wife say about this?
Micah: She'd be slighly more sympathetic, but not much.

Well, thank you for taking the time to visit, and hopefully we shall work together more in the days to come. May the King bless your playing.


  1. Huh. Interesting how his view of roses feeds into his dislike for the holiday. I rather like it... at the very least because my gran brought me an apple fritter. :)

  2. Yeah, his analogy of crosses only begins to scratch the surface of his views. I am thinking of working with him again soon, just because I like him a lot and he's got a lot to say.