Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quest for a Book

A sticky note tacked above my desk lists my expendures for the calendar year--$10 for laundry here, $22.11 for groceries there. But the most significant expense is one that isn't on there:
$20 for the Elisabeth Sladen autobiography. Not for lack of effort, though. Four failed interlibrary loan requests attest to that. And out of six Barnes & Noble stores within 10 miles, none of them have it in stock. To be honest, I'd be surprised if they ever will.
Not that I blame them--much. The autobiography of a middle-aged British actress probably isn't a huge seller in the Midwest. Never mind that she was a star in one of the longest-running sci-fi dramas ever. Never mind that she was co-star to two amazing leads. Never mind that she regularly tops fan polls for best companion ever. Never mind that she returned over 25 years after she left the show and because hugely popularly. Never mind that her spin-off set records for viewing on its channel. Never mind that SFX named a new award after her this year. Never mind that the whole fan community was stunned by her untimely death. Elisabeth Sladen just isn't newsworthy on this side of the Atlantic.
But what really irks me is what happened today. Due to lack of plastic money, I requested a copy be sent to the local Barnes & Noble, where I could buy it with real money. The website had listed a price below twenty dollars, and I'd set aside the cash accordingly. Today, I stopped at the store to see if it was in. It was. I was pulling the money out of my pocket when the cashier announced the price: "$29." I had less than $25 in my wallet. So I had to walk away and leave it.
Wah!At this rate, I'll have to go to Britain to get a copy!


  1. By the way, do you have any idea where I can watch SJA series 5? Or... what there was of it.

  2. Yes, there's an autobiography; as I detailed, it's nearly impossible to find in the States. As for series 5, there's always WatchSeries EU or YouTube. BBC doesn't seem to block Youtube uploads for SJA.