Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Elisabeth Sladen: the autobiography

As related here , I went through a lot to find a copy of this book, but when I finally bought it, I thought it well-worth the effort. The foreward by David Tennant is touchingly honest and makes certian scenes in School Reunion even more heartwarming. Because of how the filming went, Sladen was at the first block of Tennant's readthroughs. And Tennant's last appearance as the Doctor was on Sladen's show, the Sarah Jane Adventures. How cool was that?

The biography itself is also well-written, detailing her early career in theatre before landing a few TV roles that eventually led to her best-known role: Sarah Jane Smith, companion to the Third and Fourth Doctors (and eventually, Tenth and Eleventh).

Some of the stories are hilarious and others heartwarming, whether about Classic, New or Sarah Jane Adventures. Some of the lines are harsher in hindsight, especially the ones about the future of the Sarah Jane Adventures. Keep a box of tissues handy, but I recommend this to any and all Whovians.

Just as a sample, I'll post a few paragraphs from the book.

"You know, Elisabeth, ” he said as we drove down one Surry street, “We
could probably knock on any one of these houses and ask to watch their
I laughed. He was probably right, but I didn’t expect him to try and prove it.Suddenly, he leapt up and stagged down the aisle towards the driver.
The next thing I knew, the coach had pulled over and half a dozen of us were
marching up to a random front door.
“Are you sure about this, Tom?” I giggled.
“Oh yes,” he said, his face alive with mischief.
Then he rang the bell and we waited. To this day I will never forget the look on the woman’s face who answered.
“Hello, my dear,” said Tom in his most charming voice. “I’m the Doctor and
this is Sarah. We wondered if we might be able to watch ourselves on your
television tonight.

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