Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The King's Dragon

In The Hobbit, Tolkien described greed as "the dragon-sickness." I almost wonder if the author of this book had that phrase in mind, because the dragon has that effect on people. When a once-peaceful people become suspicious and gaudy, the Doctor decides to look into the situation further. The pacing is well-managed, and the side characters are intriguing.


  1. Another one I own, and one of my favorites. Funny you should mention Tolkien, because Enamour reminded me of the One Ring, but EVERYWHERE. Very nice Amy/Rory moments as well.

    1. Exactly! Maybe the One Ring was made of Enamour...SAUDRON ESCAPED MIDDLE EARTH!

    2. Now I have to write a story about this...and the Shopkeeper is Maiar! That explains everything.

    3. Hello! Author here! I was indeed thinking of that phrase when I imagined the Enamour. Glad you enjoyed the book!

    4. Thanks for stopping by. And your confirmation of my guess just made me smile SO MUCH!

    5. As long as you're here, I'd like to say that I also loved The Way through the Woods. :D Also, I'm taking that as canon confirmation that the Ring and Enamour are connected. *salutes*