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The Best of Me: Amy Pond

Amelia Pond, the little girl who waited all night in her garden, is the first companion of the Eleventh Doctor, and the first companion I've watched. So I have a special affinity for her, even identifying with her understanding of the Doctor to a certain point. That is not to say I agree with everything she does--her Rory/Doctor game is played far longer than it should and sometimes she's a bit harsh on people, but I don't think she deserves some of the hate she gets. A tumblr I follow called Whoniverse Confessions has some interesting posts about her--such as "Amy is what Rose would have been if she made better choices..." which has some interesting suggestions in light of their respective boyfriends.Of the new series companions, she is one of my favorites, especially because of her crazy, wild family...

Fanfic Recommendations (may cross over with River Song and Rory Williams recommendations)
Now posted with author's summery (sometimes additional notes).

A Companion's Guide to the Doctor-- Amy wakes up in the Tardis and, momentarily believing herself to be back on Apalapucia, calls out for a familiar voice. She gets a little more than she bargained for.
A Few Days Ago Amy finds an old pair of converse, the Doctor reminisces about his regeneration, and everyone just generally deals. Post-Beast Below/Victory of the Daleks. Eleven/Amy friendship, with a quite a few references to Ten. Read & Review!
My note: Missing your post-regeneration confusion because Eleven starts fresh? Read this one.
A Little Bit Fairytale Life after the Doctor. Spoilers for the God Complex. Now slightly rewritten.
A Phone Call from Pond Amy rings the Doctor seeking information about her lost daughter.
Because You're Still Waiting "because you love him, you hate him, you want, you left." Amy says good-bye to The Doctor. my note: more like a poem, but still very good.
Call for Help The worst parts of the Universe can land on your doorstep, even if you're not traveling with the Doctor. But when the doorstep belongs to the Ponds, the Universe has to answer to River Song.
Doctor Do You Believe in Ghosts Ghosts? Never.It could all be explained-Aliens-Different worlds-Different perceptions-Imagination.It could all be explained. But there was something in The Doctor that made him want to believe-Made him want to trust that there was a such thing as ghosts. Note: It's more sad then scary, but then again, it's so very him.
Eucastastrophe For once, he has a happy ending
Four Corners Amy. Rory. Eleven. River. Amazing things have been revealed, and now it's back to the same old adventure. So why does no one seem in any hurry to find little Melody Pond? (Spoilers through Night Terrors, but in a bit of timey-wimeyness, NOT for Let's Kill Hitler.)
I Always Liked Ron Best Too:Amy learns a little about about the Doctor's past during a visit to the largest library in the Universe. And everyone else learns a little something about the books that Rory used to read as a child.
If You're Out There "There's a place set for you." Amy and Rory are still waiting, but he'll show up eventually.
I'm Always Fearless (Except when I'm Not) Amy Pond prides herself on not being easily scared. But she realizes with absolute certainty that her best friend and protector is the one she should be afraid of the most
I'm Dreaming of a Starry Christmas: Little Amelia Pond, in a universe which is black as eternal night, ends up with a star filled Christmas. They covered her tree, fell out of her Christmas stocking, and filled up her dreams.
Mothers and Daughters Amy finds she has more in common with River than she thought
My Own Worst Enemy Comes from the Past The Doctor, Amy and Rory are trapped in their own personal nightmare made from their fears. The only way to wake up, is for them to beat the dreams. Rory as the third wheel, Amy w/out the Doctor and the Doctor facing his guilt. Please read and review! My Note: Sadly, this fic hasn't been updated for a while, but what is there is brilliant.
How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart, you begin to understand there is no going back? There are some things that time cannot mend. Some hurts that go too deep...that have taken hold. --Frodo Baggins
Amy Williams knows that all too well. There's no way back home when her daughter will never come home. Takes place after A Good Man Goes to War and scattered throughout the rest of series six.
My note: a series of three stories about Amy and Rory and their realization that they're never going to have a normal family life.
Not Tonight It's Christmas Eve and Amy misses her Raggedy Doctor a little more than usual. - Based off of the Christmas Special Prequel
Reprise Amelia Pond once believed in happy endings. Now she's not so sure after all. Spoilers for The God Complex and Good Man Goes to War
Rule Number 1 Snippets from Amy's years in The Girl Who Waited: It sometimes felt like she had spent half of her life waiting for him.
Slipping Away A one-shot describing Amy's feelings as her whole history changes and she can't remember what she's missing- Spoilers for 'Cold Blood' and hopefully better than it sounds...
Something's Missing As Amy writes out her guest list for the wedding, she has the feeling that something, or rather someone, is missing. Spoilers for series five.
Stuff with Bits The morning after she meets the Raggedy Doctor, Amelia has some explaining to do.
The Care and Feeding of Tiny Humans (and slightly larger Time Lords) The one where the Doctor comes back for little Amelia Pond.
The Girl Who Waited Maybe he ll come back if I wait here long enough. I m good at waiting. My note: It's set after God Complex.
The Mother Imprisoned and alone, Amy has nothing to cling to but her child, her name, and her hatred.
The Real Mother Goose Amy Pond has lost her baby girl. She has a week to find her. My note: Absolutely lyrical story, with past companions making an appearance.
The Time is Out of Joint "But things are the way they are. And the way they are now is that you have this little one." Whilst raising their second child, Julian, Amy and Rory recognize the difficulties of their first child not exactly being a constant presence in their lives.
The Weight of Us Amy Pond, and motherhood.
There Will Be TIme After Amy's Choice, Amy and Rory talk about what their future might really be like.
They Fill You With the Faults they Had Amy and Rory, still recoiling from their loss, visit Amy's parents. contains talk of losing a child, mental health issues, lying, depression and grief- may be triggering. My note: a wonderful explanation of how Tabitha and Augustus would have dealt with their daughter's imaginary friend.
Three Places at the Table Amy and Rory prepare for another Christmas dinner without their Doctor. Set just before the end of "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe". One-shot.
Tick Tock; The Years They Fly The Girl who waited for fourteen years has to face another thirty-six in Two Streams facility.
Twelve Years and Four Psychiatrists Why Amy needed four psychiatrists....cameos from Doctors 1-10
We Are For Each Other Kindness will kill her, but Amy can't help looking for company.
Whenever It's Christmas Amy has decided it's time to celebrate Christmas in the Tardis, whether the guys like it or not. That means finding a tree, shopping for presents, cooking Christmas dinner, and Christmas morning! But this is the Tardis, and things can get a little weird.
Yellow Alert Tears streaked my sweaty face. My back arched, and I pushed—and it hurt—and I screamed—and the contraction passed. I sagged back against the white table, crying. "Rory," I whimpered, "hold my hand." But he wasn't there to hold it.
You Won't Realize I'm Gone The Doctor breaks the news to the Ponds about their daughter, the Vashta Nerada and the Great Library. But Amy and Rory soon realise it's hardly the end of the line. In fact, they're firmly in the middle.
Youth is Wasted on the Young On a world where the adults all look like 12 year old children, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory must join forces with the local sheriff to investigate a rash of mysterious disappearances. Something new has arrived on Feyanora, something the Doctor recognizes. My note: One of THE BEST original adventures I've ever read. It is complete, but sometimes the computer says it's been updated.

--Crossover Recommendation
He Was Real The new doctor at Leadsworth is a bit odd. Turns out he has his own experiences with sociopathic physicians who break your trust. Crossover with Sherlock featuring John Watson, set after Reichenbech.
I don't have friends, Miss Pond Convincing Sherlock Holmes that he has friends is a hard task in itself. Convincing him that he has more than that is even harder but Amy's determined to prove to him just how much a certain boy cares.


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