Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Best of Me: Donna Noble

When I first met Donna Noble in "The Runaway Bride," I found her shrill and annoying. But in season four, she undergoes amazing character development. And it's brilliantly realistic too, not a 180 degree turn in one episode, but the sensitive bits poke out from her abrasive exterior.

In Journey's End, the Metacrisis describes her as "shouting at the world 'cause no one's listening." It's a wonderful description of who she is, and all the development she underwent makes her fate even sadder. Go on, listen to "The Rueful Fate of Donna Nobble" without sobbing, especially if you watch the last few minutes of her in the TARDIS, as the Doctor-Donna. For character development, and not falling in love with the Doctor, she is one of my favorite NuWho companions.
Fanfiction Recommendations
The Doctor speaks baby. A bit hard to follow at the beginning, but hilarious.
Doctor Who the TV Show
Features the Doctor and Donna entering our universe after season four just aired. A light-hearted fic, it still has more serious moments from trying to have them avoid spoilers.
When Donna finds Verity's book about her grandmother Joan, some parts of it seem awfully familiar...
Set after the season four finale, contains Donna's thoughts about her grandfather's strange behavior.
Tearjerker set in the TARDIS after Donna's farewell. This author writes very good tearjerkers.
Lucy in the Sky Heartbreaking story about Donna...sorry, anything more would be spoilers.
notus memoria a beautiful story in which Donna finds purpose without needing to remember
Racnoss A drabble I wrote about Donna's first appearance.
Dealing with Donna's life post-End of Time, it manages to be sweet and sad all at once.
An absolutely hilarious story in which Donna Noble ends up temping for Lady Christine and helps with a flying bus.


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