Monday, June 4, 2012

The Best of Me: Wilfred Mott

The Master: (to the Doctor) Oh, your dad’s still kicking up a fuss.
Wilfred: Yeah, well, I’d be proud if I was


The Doctor: I’d be proud.

Wilfred: Of what?

The Doctor: If you were my dad.

Wilfred Mott is a companion in the sense that Samwise Gamgee is a Ringbearer--not for a long time, but his supporting role earns him the title, at least in my eyes. Not to mention that he dons the mantle officially in The End of Time. From his (initial) cameo in Voyage of the Dammed, to his reappearance as Donna's granddad in season four, he's a source of humor with a serious side. I also like how he's "older" than the Doctor, and sees through some of the things that "traditional" companions don't quite notice. And he has at least three wonderful scenes--the cafe, the Vinvocci spaceship where he begs Ten to take the gun, and the chamber at the Naysmith Mansion. I also have plans for him in my own fanfiction...

Fanfic Recommendations

All That it Takes for Evil to Flourish The Doctor's thoughts on the scene where Wilf urges him to take the gun.

Boxing Day:Written by the brilliant Lyricwritesprose, it has Wilf and Eleven meeting up on a beach. It's mostly conversation, but such a necessary one that it would be a shame for alien attacks to interrupt it.

Cup of Tea The cafe scene in End of Time from Wilf's POV. It's not one of my best stories, but I still like it.

The Doctor's Dad Slightly AU in that Wilf didn't get trapped in the box , but a wonderful exploration of the Doctor and Wilf.

Grasshopper Duet Time for a guilty confession...I ship Wilf and Sarah Jane. They both have seen the Doctor at low points, heard him say things he wouldn't say to anyone else, and still trust him even though they're "old enough to know better." This story doesn't approach shipping, except in my mind, but I still think they should have met on the show.

Gratias Astra Wilf gets a trip to the stars.

The Faithful Soldier A collection of five drabbles about Wilf in End of Time, it really gets inside his mind.

His Turn Tearjerker, but still good.

It's Time Based on Eleven's "farewell tour," it offers another reason the Doctor would surrender to the inevitable.

New Faces I love reading about Eleven and Wilf, what can I say?

Not Remotely Important Wilf and Eleven...again

On Her Behalf Wilf said he'd look up at the stars for Donna. A one-shot about the two of them stargazing together.

Two Old Men and a Park Bench Another time Wilf might have encountered Eleven.

(picture from Whoniverse Confessions tumblr)


  1. plot bunny plot bunny plot bunny!
    Wilf and Sam, Wilf and Sam! What if the Doctor took Wilf for just one trip, and they went to garden on a distant planet, and Wilf struck up a conversation with the gardener, who turned out to be Samwise Gamgee?

    1. I always thought of Wilf as more of an astronomer than a gardener, but heh...I want MORE WILF!

    2. Same here, but he's also an old man who'd enjoy some peaceful scenery. ^.^ And it's not as if Sam doesn't wax poetic about stars...
      (BTW, I completely license you to own this bunny, since I'd probably slaughter the characterization.)

    3. I'm actually bringing him to Bannerman Road...eventually.