Monday, September 9, 2013

Death on Lindisfarne

This book, the sequel to The Hunted Hare, is the second in Fay Sampson's Aidan Mysteries. While mysteries are not my favorite genre, I love the author's blending of Celtic history, Irish scenery, and modern mysteries. In fact, it sometimes feels like I'm taking a vacation to these locations, without the inconvenience of long flights, poor weather, and traffic.
While The Hunted Hare was told through the eyes of Aidan and his wife Jenny,  Death on Lindisfarne uses multiple points of view. While this can be useful, I feel it is a mistake to use more than two points of view in a mystery novel, as the reader learns more than an one character knows on his or her own.  However, as the author generally stuck to Aidan and the group leader,  I feel the possible damages were limited.
While I am looking forward to any further books in this series, I also think there's a limit on how many murders one individual can stumble onto without breaking suspension of disbelief. I'm hoping to see some theft or missing persons cases, just to mix things up a little.

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