Friday, September 20, 2013

Praise Chapel Notes

For most people at my school, praise chapel is their favorite one of the week. It's certainly the most interactive, with student worship teams leading the auditorium in songs. 
But I can't worship in that setting. I'm sure all the worship teams have good intentions, but I can barely focus, let alone worship. There are several reasons for this:
1. The room is completely dark. I know there are good reasons for this, but between my glasses, the sloped floor, and the dark, I get slightly dizzy when I try to stand up.
2. The backgrounds for the lyrics move. Why can't they just pick one simple, pleasing picture and leave the words on that, instead of choosing an image that bubbles like a lava lamp or shows clouds passing over a cityscape?
3. Of, say, eight songs, 2 will be ones I am familiar with. The rest are either completely new or ones I have only heard in other praise chapels. 
4. This is my biggest problem: IT'S SO LOUD!
Sometimes the bass is turned so high that it feels like a heartbeat filling the air. Even hymns are given the amped-up treatment with electric guitar and drums and goodness knows what else.   It feels more like a concert than worship.


  1. I don't mind the dark, but I agree with all the other points. I've even considered moving to the exit hallway on the side, so that my ears don't hurt so much... If I get desperate, one of these days I just might actually do that.

    I think worship chapel, for the most part, is designed by and for extroverts who don't understand us introverts. I get overstimulated and anxious when noise levels are above normal levels, and when I'm already stressed out by finances or exams or whatever, it only makes me feel worse, not worshipful. Not to mention that there are so many people crammed in there... It makes it very difficult for me to focus on worshipping God.

  2. After reading Introverts in the Church, I totally agree with you about over-stimulation in the worship service. I've considered making a note of it to somebody, but I'm not sure how I'd suggest changing it, because most people do enjoy it.